So, Why Black Financial Advisor Blog?

Hi! I'm James Veal, the founder of Black Financial Advisor and glad you found me. Have you ever asked yourself:
  • "How can I get rid of debt?"
  • "What can I do to increase my income?"
  • "How can I stop living from paycheck-to-paycheck?"
  • "How can I learn more about investing in stocks/mutual funds?"
  • "I'm retiring soon, what do I need to know?"
James Veal

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About James

As a professional Financial Advisor in the investment advisory business for over 20 years, James is known for helping, educating and supporting the Black Community build wealth. That is by understanding the power of how money works, investing, real estate, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

James's passion for building wealth can be traced back from his own family's humbling experience as a younger. Born and raised in a Philadelphia Public Housing Project, he witnessed firsthand the family financial struggles and vowed to help others get out of it as he did. He was taught and learned early on that the "American Dream" was not throwing away money and buying things to look good, impress people, and pretending that we had it going on. The lesson was to buy and own assets. 
This financial blog was created and dedicated to those in Black Communities which are often neglected, underserved, and severely affected from the shortage of financial and investing content. Most people have never been taught about the power of money, how it works, and how it can be use to grow personal wealth. That's a serious problem in America!
Our job is to take you by the hand to: teach, show, and prove that if you're willing to change your mindset and the ways you have always thought about money, then you are well on your way to reaching your financial destiny. Let's GO!


------- My Street Cred -------

  •  - My mission is to help   you build wealth
  •  - I started my career as a Wall Street stockbroker
  •  - I'm a total math and numbers "geek"
  •  - Growing up taught me that financial independence is the ultimate goal
  •  - The biggest problem in Black America is financial illiteracy
  •  - I believe I can help you get out of financial struggles because I've been there
  •  - Cannot believe I didn't invest in Netflix & Facebook in the early stages
  •  - I've been doing this investing stuff for a very long time. It's fun!
  •  - Oh, and I own JRV Wealth Management Group, LLC.

Want To Invest

If you want a shot at becoming wealthy, you need to do more than simply earn money. Most importantly, you need to hold onto the money you earn. Then, you need to grow your money. In order to grow your money, you need to learn how to invest.


Retiring Soon

When you think about retirement, chances are you imagine a time of freedom: to travel, fine dining, fishing or other post-career fun. But around half of all Americans aren't looking forward to leaving the workforce forever-- and money is a big reason why.


Just Graduated

Graduating college is a major milestone. Congratulations on the achievement. So, what's next for you after college? What does your future hold? What are you going to be doing? I know, just a lot of what-ifs! But, you'll be alright.



What exactly are life goals? Simply put, they're the things you would like to accomplish in your life. Such as: getting married, starting a family, traveling the globe or starting a new business. Life goals are essentially everything you want to do in life before passing on.



You've got the time now and there are tons of things you can do. Are you tired of the traffic, noise, and the expense of the city? Move to the country. Remodel your home. Buy a motor home. Teach, volunteer, garden, visit family, babysit, travel, write a book, read, dance. It goes on and on!

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